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Tutorial Tuesday

First, let me say….I have been enjoying all the wonderful pictures that I have been seeing of everyone’s Christmas Decor! Oh, how I miss not having my home decorated this year! But, since I am all packed and getting ready to move (that is a story in itself!) I didn’t bring anything out this year except the Christmas Tree. And I tried to talk the kids into just letting me put all the presents around the Tree box so I didn’t even have to set that up! LOL. But, they weren’t having that! So, they decorated the tree this year.

Today’s tutorial has been inspired by all the wonderful pictures of feather trees I see out there! I love them all! I see so many different versions of them…..some large, some small, some made of feathers, some made of tree branches, some made of sprigs of artificial pine, some look more country and some are very primitive! So, I decided to make one for my self! Here is my version. I will be sharing a different version with you tomorrow, as well! Thought since I didn’t have time to post much last week, I would do a “bonus” post this week for all of you. Hope you enjoy!

Feather Tree


*7/16” Dowel Rod (can find these at craft stores and most hardware stores)

*3 Pine Sprigs (you can get these at Joanns or Micheals at 60% off now!)

*Hot Glue Gun

*Wire Cutters

*Dark Walnut Minwax Stain

*Very thin drill bit (I used a 5/64” bit)

*Cordless Drill

*Star of choice (I used a paper Clay one that I had from last year)

*Pot (I used a small crock)

*Floral Styrofoam

*Spanish Moss


First, we need to take apart our Sprigs of pine.

Picture 017Picture 018

Now, we are going to separate them. You will see that there are larger ones (from the bottom of the sprig) and shorter ones (from the top of the sprig).

Lets take your Sprigs now and cut them all down! You need to do four of the longer ones about 1” from where the branches start. Also, you will need to do another four of the longer ones about 1/4” from where the branches start. Then, take your shorter ones and cut four of them about 1/4” from the branches.

Picture 019

Next, we need to measure and mark your dowel rod at 24”. I then took and cut mine with my jigsaw. Also, stain your dowel rod now with your Dark Walnut Minwax Stain.

Now, measure up from the bottom 6” and make a light mark with a pencil. Take your drill and drill straight thru your rod, then straight thru again the opposite direction. Basically making an “X” at your mark.

Picture 020

With your hot glue, take and put a little dab of glue on the end and insert it about halfways into the drilled hole; remember you need to put another one in that hole on the other side!

Do all four holes with hot glue on the stem ends and insert. It should look like this now on the bottom layer!

Picture 021

Now, let’s measure up another 6” and repeat the same process. Mark, drill, hot glue and insert stems. I did “stagger” this level, meaning that I had the branches “turned” so that the stems when in the different direction then the others.

Picture 024

Repeat this process again with the 3rd layer. This time you will be using the smallest of the stems. Again, stagger them.

Now, take and place your star on top of your dowel rod. I used the hot glue and adhered on there.

I then took and inserted floral styrofoam into my small crock and placed my dowel rod into it. I did secure it too with hot glue!

Take and hot glue some spanish moss on top of the floral foam to cover it.

This is what my feather tree looks like completed!

Picture 026


  1. Thank you for the tutorial!
    I just moved too and I can understand!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. I love this tree! Where can one find extra branches like that? The only tree we have, we still use. I would have a tree of some sort in every room if possible ! lol

    Take Care and Merry Christmas,

  3. That is toooo cute!! I want one. Maybe we can get together during break and make some stuff for the next season.

  4. How adorable...kind of like a Charlie brown tree kicked up a notch, lol!!!

  5. Very cute! I can't wait to see the next one!

  6. Oh I love this tutorial!
    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and fantastic New Year!
    What an adventure you will have in your new home :0)

  7. Thanks for another great tutorial i can't wait to see the next one.Happy Holidays! Blessings, Leah

  8. Love it! Another great tutorial. I will make one for the next year. Thanks for sharing!

  9. The tree looks wonderful. I was wondering if it would work with bought sprigs, so much easier.


  10. Love today's tutorial! Thanks for sharing it!.. My thoughts are with you, my heart goes out to you, and my prayers go up for you as you prepare to move. I just went through moving myself, the end of just this past October! Happy Holidays and Best of Luck to you in your new home! ~tina

  11. thanks for the tutorial char!!
    i got a chuckle though . do you mean a "dowel" rod?? lol
    you made me smile this morning and i needed that!!!

  12. Thank you so much for the tutorial...I've seen these in the stores and always wanted to buy one and never did..Now I have no reason not to make one myself...
    Happy Holidays...

  13. Dear Char - Many thanks for your feather tree tutorial. I can't wait to try it! I've been "lurking" at yours and other prim blogs for several months now, without the nerve to post a comment, LOL! Your enthusiasm and generosity of sharing your projects is so wonderful, I just have to say a big THANK YOU! My husband & I have been doing many projects, sometimes separately and oftentimes together. We are enjoying it immensely! You have been such a big part of it for us, and I thought it was high time I told you so! So again, THANKS...I'll be checking in regularly...and Best Wishes on your move. I hope it goes well and you enjoy decorating your new nest! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS! CyndyB in NE Texas

  14. Thanks so much for this tutorial, i ahve been looking for a place to buy a real feather tree for about 10 years now, and had no luck at all (still would love to buy an authentic one if you happen to know where I culd get my hands on one) but in the mean time I will definately be making this one, thanks again for another great project!

    Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New year to you and your family.

  15. What a neat little project, Char!

    So when does the big move happen???

    Have a wonderful Christmas while you wait for the next chapter to begin...

  16. That you for the tutorial. I haven't been visiting here long, but oh, how I enjoy stopping by.

    Merry Christmas!


  17. Perfect! I will have to put this on my 'To Do List' for next year :)


    I can't wait to see your new home. I know it will be primitive perfect :)

  18. I love this tree! You always have the best tutorials. I can't wait to get to your blog everyday, it's the best. Good luck with your move.

  19. Oh wow, Char! I love it! I have always wanted to try and make one, but didn't know where to start! I am so thankful for the day I discovered your blog!! Thanks! And have a Very Merry Christmas!!

  20. Merry Christmas to you! A project for me next year.

  21. You never cease to amaze me!!

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

  22. Thanks, Char! Love your little feather tree!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  23. What a neat tutural Char!!

    I've been wanting one of these now I think maybe I can do one for myself!!

    Thanks so much for sharing the way you do!!



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