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Tuesday's Tutorial "Faux Snowballs!"

Here's one of my favorite Christmas Time Bowl Fillers/Ornies! You can keep these out for the whole Winter Season too. I like to just fill up bowls with these can even place them outside in a pail or basket!!! These are so much fun and are great Craft Show Sellers! Just tuck a few into a cellaphane bag tied with some homespun and a tag marked "Snowballs for sale!" and the customers just love them! The best part can make tons of these at one time! Hope you Enjoy!

Faux Snowballs


*Various sized Styrofoam Balls (found at $ tree)
*Joint Compound (can be found at Walmart or any hardware store in small tubs)
*Spatula, Large popsicle stick, or butter knife
*Freezer Paper or Aluminum Foil

*Plastic Gloves
*Sandpaper (fine grit works)
*Spray Adhesive
*Glass Glitter or "Crystal Clear" Glitter (this is the snow colored glitter)
*Spray Sealer (I buy the Walmart brand “Color Place” with clear lid)
*Optional: Gloss Mod Podge if placing snowballs outside


First, Take your Freezer Paper and lay out a sheet for you to put your completed snowballs on to dry. Now, take your Styrofoam Balls and roll them around on a hard surface to just kinda condense them some. This will also make them more of an uneven surface like a real snow ball. Just don’t smoosh them totally!!!!...LOL

Now, put on your gloves, this is messy and you will want these! Next, take your Joint Compound and with your spatula start spreading this all over your Styrofoam balls. Smooth in some spots and leave peaks in others. This is just the part that you will play around with it til it is just the way you want it. Sit each snowball that is finished onto your freezer paper to dry OVERNIGHT. As you see in the picture, these are very dark looking in the beginning. However, as these dry they will lighten up to a nice white color. That is one way of knowing when they have completely dried.

Now, take your sandpaper and lightly sand down some of the peaks and areas that you are not really pleased with. (I usually don’t sand much, I kinda like the ruff look of them.)Once this is done and you have it where you like it, time to complete your snowballs!

Take your spray adhesive and give a nice light but good spray all over your snowball. Over a piece of paper sprinkle your snowball now with your Glass Glitter or Crystal Clear Glitter. This is the part that makes your snowball just glisten like a real snowball!!! Lay each one aside to dry just for a few minutes. Now to seal them so the diamond dust stays on them permanently. You will now take them to a well ventilated area and just lightly spray them with your spray sealer. One coat of this works just fine. You now have beautiful never melting, faux snowballs!!!

If you are going to be setting them outside....i recommend coating them with the Gloss Mod Podge FIRST, then sprinkling them your Glass Glitter or Cystal Clear Glitter. This just ensures them to be able to withstand the weather.

Here is an example of one I made for my tree last year. I inserted a piece of ribbon into my styrofoam and hot glued it in so I could hang them on my tree as Ornies.

Grungy Snowballs Option:
Into your Joint Compound mix you can add small amounts of coffee grounds, Spanish Moss, Straw, or small pieces of sticks. Just like if you were outside rolling a snowman, he always has grass and some dirt in him!

After sprinkling with your Glitter, sprinkle LIGHTLY with cinnamon as well. Just remember a little goes a long way! So sprinkle lightly!!!


  1. Thanks Char! You did it again!have a blessed day.

  2. Oh I love it! I will def. creating those for winter!!!!! =] Thanks!!! =]

  3. Your tutorials are great! Thank you once again! Ann

  4. Another great tutorial! Thank you so much!

  5. Thank You again! My husband is a contractor so we have LOTS of joint compound around. Can't wait to do these.

  6. Thanks, Char. I did these last year & they are super simple. You are the best!

  7. WOW-those are so COOOL!
    *pun intended* hehe!

    I'm gonna to try some--ya have the best tutorials...and the neatest stuff to make.

    Thanks so much Char!

    Have a great day!

  8. I wanted to know how to make these, thanks so much for the tutorial, I can't wait to make some. I have a bucket of joint compound left over from the living room work we did, all I need are some styro balls:)

  9. Oh, we are so making these! You have the cutest projects. I love the tutorials. Thanks for inspiring your bloggy buddies.

  10. Oh Good Gravy!!!! How cool are these????

    Thanks for sharing this is wonderful!

    I am gushing!

  11. I've been wanting to make some of these so your tutorial is perfect timing! I've also heard you can add scented oil to the joint compound if you want them scented.

    Do you know where to find glass glitter?? I can't seem to find any in my area. Thanks!!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  12. You can usually find the glass glitter or diamond dust in small tubes at the craft shops.

  13. Thanks Char! Love the tutorial. I can't wait to make these. Did you ever add a scent to them?
    You are so generous with your talent.

  14. Oh thank you for the tutorial...I must give these a try before the snow falls.

    Thanks for dropping by over at my blog...I always love visitors and reading comments.


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    Waiting with curiosity. To know your innovation.

  16. I love these as well..look great stuck in with a large bowl of fresh pine and berries.

  17. You are my favorite blog by far. Kind, creative, sharing and Fun. You are so generous with your talent. I love learning here, and thank you so much. You are a blessing.

  18. Char,
    Thank you so very much for all your tutorials and free patterns.
    I just love your blog. It is my favorite one. I love your $5.00 and under ideas. Your creativity is so awesome. And you are so generous. I also love all your tips.
    Again, Thank you so very much!!!

  19. Love this! What a great idea! That would great on my Christmas tree.

  20. Thank you so much for your wonderful craft tips! you make the UK a more intersting place.

    Your music has really put me in the mood for making Christmas crafts.

    Blessings from Jane in England.

  21. Hi Char
    Thanks for the tutorial. Tried these in 2 different ways. I like the faux snow the best. Makes me cold just looking at them.


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