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NEW BLOG...Come on Over!

My New Blog!
I really missed all of you!  I am back in full swing with Blogging & Crafting!  So, I would like for all of you to hop on over to my new Blog  Just Looking For a Bargain .  I was having so much trouble with trying to make posts to this Blog, I decided to just start a new one.  I am not quite certain why though?!  Sometimes it would let me in, sometimes it wouldn't?  Kept giving me "error" messages when I would try and publish the post? new blog will still be filled with Fun, Crafting AND Bargain shopping!  Who doesn't love a great Bargain & saving money? I have some wonderful Holiday Crafts lined up as well, so be sure and not miss them! 
Don't forget to leave me a comment there, I love hearing from all of you! 


I'm Back & I'm crafting again!

Hello everyone!  It's been a LONG time since I have posted.  Since I moved into this new home (3 years ago-yikes!) our old computer never really worked correctly.  We had so many problems with internet service, and just the old computer system running super slow.  We do have another laptop, but its for my husbands work and I HATE using it...BUT, we decided it was time for a new desktop!  YIPPPPEEEE!!!!  So, I will back to posting some crafts once again! Stay tuned!


UPDATE: Sorry I haven't been around much in Blogland...but I have a new Blog I would love all of you to come and follow along with me! I am still setting it up and tweaking it yet...but I promise we are gonna have lots of fun together! Click the link below and come join me!


Pinterest Inspired Grad Gift

I LOVE Pinterest!  As I know alot of you do too!  Well, with all the Graduation Parties we have been invited to, I have been looking for a more interesting way to give money, instead of the boring old card.  Well, these have been a HUGE hit with the kids as well as the adults!  This was actually done on Pinterest with a hershey bar in the middle...I just thought I would replace it with money!

A simple $3.00 frame from Walmart, piece of scrapbooking paper & Lettering done on my Cricut machine!  Funny thing is....ALL THE KIDS SAY THEY HAVE AN EMERGENCY?!  hahahahaha

I don't wrap them up.  I just set them on the gift tables for everyone to see, I just add a ribbon to the frame.  You could personalize these with school colors, but these were for Cyber School kids who don't have the traditional school colors.




Well, I am ready to start filling up my Year-round Primitive Tree with some new Ornies!  So, I thought why not have a swap?!!! Besides, I have been gone so long from Blog Land I actually miss swapping with all you ladies!  So, if you are looking for some new Fall/Harvest Ornies or Bowl Fillers...come join in!

I want to stress...THIS IS NOT A HALLOWEEN SWAP!  I don't celebrate Halloween, but if your partner does, then fill free to ask and do a Halloween themed swap with them!  But, I do NOT.  So, I am looking for pumpkins, crows, leaves, Sunflowers, etc., just use your imagination!  This should also be a very inexpensive swap for shipping since packages should be fairly light and might just fit into a padded envelope!  So, here are the rules:


~5 ORNIES/BOWL FILLERS. We all love new Ornies to hang or some new Bowl fillers to place throughout our homes this time of year! These could be all different or the same, however you prefer.

~Your Items must be handmade!  These can be bought from craft shops or made by you, either way is fine!

~Please make sure these items could be hung OR placed in a bowl!

You MUST have posted with me atleast 5 times or more! (I will check too if I don't recognize your name, but I know most of my commenters anyways!) Just making sure I am familiar with you.

~You MUST have a blog of your own. This is blog land and I know that some of you like to just leave comments from your email accounts, but I prefer you have a blog for swapping. That just shows commitment to blogging and following thru on your swap.

~YOU MUST COMMIT TO SENDING OUT YOUR SWAP "ON TIME"!!! If you don't you will sit out the next 2 swaps I hold, and "YES!" I do keep a list of those who are late and those who don't send at all!

~So, you MUST be on time! Sorry, I HATE late packages! Just a pet peeve of mine! Nothing like anxiously awaiting a package to find it shows up 2 months late! I know all you swappers will agree with me if you ever had to wait! So, don't wait til the last minute to start your swap...START NOW!

~You MUST thank your partner when you receive your goodies! I HATE ungratefulness!!! I know we are all busy, but we all make time to check our emails & read them Blogs-don't we?! So, thank your partner for your package!

~You MUST send your package PRIORITY (if you don't this time of year, it takes forever to arrive) and get a Delivery Confirmation #! You MUST email me that number too! That if there is any lost packages, we can hopefully track them done, and know for sure that you sent it & on time too!

~You MUST have your Info to me by JULY 6TH. I will get the Swap names out to everyone by JULY 8TH.

~You MUST mail out your package by Sept 15th! This gives everyone a little over a month to gather up their goodies and send out their swap! This is a Fall/Harvest Swap, so I am sure everyone would like their Ornies/Bowl Fillers for thisvFall season and not next!

~Lastly, but MOST IMPORTANT: GIVE AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECIEVE!!! I always say, "I wouldn't give a package to someone, if I would not want to recieve it!" So, that is why I usually always make exactly the same thing for myself as I make for all of you! LOL

~This will be a "One on One" Swap. So, once I gather all the names, I will email everyone their partners!

~This is open to USA & Canadian residents only! Sorry the postal service is killing us with shipping costs anymore!

Now, I will trust that everyone who wants to play is willing to play by the rules! But, just in case there are those of you that end up not (this has happened already once here!), as I tell my children: There are consequences to every action; Good or bad? You decide! So, If you don't play by the Rules, you WILL be blocked from my Blog!!!

Sorry, I know life happens, that is why I say, "Don't wait til the last minute to start your swap!"Remember, Blog land is a Huge Arena we play in....but, it runs in very SMALL circles! I know we all like to leave good impressions on our SMALL circle of friends!Okay, I know that all seemed so very harsh with Rules & Regulations...but, they are really just Swapping Courtesy I think! Just want to make sure this Swap turns out a "Good One not Gone Bad"!So, if you are interested in doing this on the "email me" icon on my right side toolbar.

I will need your BLOG NAME, NAME & MAILING ADDY. Also, I DO respond to every swap email and let you know I "added" you. So, if you don't get my email within a day, make sure you email me again as I probably didn't recieve it the first time! I hope I didn't scare anyone away! I would love for you to come and play!





Happy Thursday Everyone! 

Sorry I have been gone for so long, but once again, Blogger would NOT let me log in again?!  Has anyone else had that problem?  This has been like the 3rd time this has happened to me.  It will keep locked out for weeks on end?!  So, I have been here...just busy working outside around the house, as I know most of you all are.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Thursday!
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